As a business owner, sometimes you have too much to do and not enough time or employees to get everything done. That is where business outsourcing enters the picture. The term business outsourcing refers to contracting with an outside service provider to complete tasks on behalf of your company. Some common examples include customer service support, data entry, payroll, accounting, and social media marketing.

Benefits of Outsourcing Work to Third-Party Vendors

The most obvious benefit of hiring an outside company to complete tasks is that it saves time. Time is money, after all, and the duties we listed above often consume a lot of time. When you outsource business, it frees up time for you and your employees to work on other tasks that bring revenue into your company. While each of the examples of outsourced roles are necessary, you cannot bill anyone for them. This is the reason we refer to them as non-core functions.

Outsourcing business can also save a significant amount of money. When you have full-time or part-time employees, you must pay them an hourly wage or salary whether they have enough work to do or not. Contracting with a third party to complete the work means that you only pay for the job itself and not any downtime. You also need to consider the money you save on paying benefits such as health insurance and paid time off to regular employees.

Companies that accept outsourced work are typically experts at what they do. For example, a payroll processing company does far more that ensuring your employees receive a paycheck. This type of vendor also knows federal and state tax laws, payroll tax and reporting requirements, and other in-depth knowledge you don’t have the time to study yourself.

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