Get Money Now for Your Accounts Receivable Invoices

Do you ever wish you could sell your receivable accounts so you didn’t have to worry about collecting on them? The good news is that you can! At Prosper Lending, we regularly buy accounts receivable invoices from our clients who would like to receive money for them. When you take advantage of our financing receivables program, you’ll generally receive cash for your discounted invoices within 24 hours.

Additional Program Benefits

In addition to receiving cash within 24 hours in most cases, you’ll also benefit from the following when you’re approved for our accounts receivable program:

  • Option to receive increased funding as your receivable invoices increase
  • Credit insurance for qualifying accounts without any extra cost to you
  • No need to make fixed payments or repay a traditional loan

This program is ideal for companies that don’t want to increase their debt but need money fast. Since you’re selling an asset to us, you’re getting money without increasing your bank debt. Feel free to use the cash you receive to expand your business, purchase new inventory or pay for your normal operating expenses as needed.

Learn More

Our financial specialists would love to tell you more about our financing receivables program. Call us today to request your application and get answers to any questions you may have.