The first tip is to make a great profile that has keywords, professional information, and a photo. A photo is probably one of the easiest ways to get clicks on a Linkedin profile. This will help others recognize you right away and grab their attention. Having keywords in the profile can get your Linkedin profile noticed on search engines. Search engines are where a lot of people to go to find people, places, and things. Use keywords in the title and in the body of your profile that have to do with your career and goals. It could help with finding a new job, networking with strong connections, and much more.

The second tip for effective use is to use Linkedin Groups. Linkedin Groups consist of all types of professions, interests, and industries. They are an excellent way to network with others and find out important information pertaining to industries and careers. Getting new contacts on your profile is much easier when you are in a group. Many people learn about professional job opportunities as well in Linkedin Groups and it’s always good to have your resume’ handy for those opportunities. Some have found their dream position through a group on Linkedin. It’s truly a magnificent method to market yourself and to potentially find new networking contacts that will be important for the future.

Last, but not least, is to add contacts. Start out with people that you know professionally as that is the best way to get started. After adding contacts of people that you already know, you can work on adding new contacts. Don’t be afraid to reach out to people that you don’t know and make a request.

Many professionals on Linkedin are more than willing to add new contacts that they don’t know yet as a way to expand their network and share their ideas and goals. These tips will help beginners to Linkedin figure out how to use it effectively for maximum potential.