Because both time and finances are often limited when planning small business marketing campaigns, it is important to implement the most successful strategies. One of the most tried and proven of these is email marketing. Here are some advantages of making email marketing a significant aspect of your marketing campaigns.

Cut Costs

Email marketing is less expensive than other methods and can be easily integrated into almost any small business budget. In fact, if you are strapped for marketing cash, there are tools available with free email marketing options and only nominal prices when you require increased functionality.

Create Leads

Email marketing has the capability of generating numerous new leads. One method is by encouraging interested consumers to sign up for your marketing newsletter. Another is to encourage subscribers to forward your emails to friends and relatives.

Improve Quality of Leads

When you implement email marketing, you are able to more easily identify leads that are of higher quality. This is because you can find out which consumers have already signed up to receive your emails, opened them, and clicked on internal links.

Boost Sales

From better leads come increased sales. You can facilitate this by segmenting your email list and sending subscribers content that is appropriate to their specific personas.

Reduce Sales Cycles

Segmentation helps to shorten sales cycles by bringing specific content to the awareness of consumers that will be most interested in it. This helps people come to decisions more quickly.

Increase Conversion Rates

When you have segmented your email list, you are better able to select content that is more appropriate at every part of the sales process. This allows subscribers to move smoothly through your sales funnel and become customers.

Integrate with Social Media

One of the great benefits of email marketing is its versatility. You can integrate your email campaign with your efforts on various social media platforms by including shareable content, share icons, and rewards for referrals.