Monthly Archives: July 2020

How to Measure the Performance of Your Content Strategy

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How to Get Started in Fix and Flip Real Estate

Fixing up and flipping old houses is a great way to break into the real estate world. Compared to building homes from the ground up, you have a solid foundation...... Read More

The Right Time to Use Localized Content

Localized content is tailored to the culture and interests of your intended audience. In the world of eCommerce, most businesses do not need to limit offering their products or services...... Read More

A Beginner’s Guice to Equipment Financing

Starting a new business means investing a lot of capital upfront to cover equipment costs. Equipment financing helps cover up to 100% of these costs quickly and easily. This type...... Read More

How to Find the Gaps in Your Content Marketing Strategy

There is no doubt that content marketing has become immensely popular in today’s online world. Content marketing is simply the concept of consistently creating and distributing material that is valuable...... Read More

The Basics of Non-Recourse Invoice Factoring

There are several different variations of invoice factoring which you might want to take advantage of, and there are some subtle differences between these types of arrangements which you should...... Read More

Tips for Setting the Right Social Media Goals

If you are utilizing social media platforms to attract potential buyers, customers, or clients, you know how impactful and powerful it can be. In fact, when used consistently, social media...... Read More

How to Get Your Business Out of a Rough Patch with Financing

Financing gives companies the boost they need to recover after difficult times. Because of the numerous options available, it is imperative that business owners conduct research to find the funding...... Read More