Small Business Administration (SBA) loans can provide an attractive and accessible financing option for individuals interested in property investments. The four principal types of SBA loans are 7(a) Loans, CDC/504 Loans, Microloans, and Disaster Loans. Let’s delve into each type in more detail.

7(a) Loans

The 7(a) loan is the most versatile and commonly utilized SBA loan, designed to help start-ups and existing small businesses. These loans can be used to acquire land, purchase new or existing buildings, renovate existing property, or refinance debt related to property. With borrowing limits of up to $5 million and a maturity period of 10 – 25 years, they can provide substantial capital for property investments.

CDC/504 Loans

The CDC/504 loan program is specifically designed for the purchase of fixed assets such as real estate and equipment for long-term use. These are typically used for the acquisition, construction, or renovation of commercial real estate. They offer low-interest rates and long-term repayment options, making them a good choice for property investors seeking significant capital investment.


Microloans, as the name suggests, are smaller loans with a maximum limit of $50,000. Although these are often used for working capital, inventory, supplies, or equipment, they can also be used for limited property investment purposes such as minor renovation or remodeling projects.

Disaster Loans

While not strictly for property investment in the traditional sense, Disaster Loans offer assistance after a declared disaster. If you own a rental property that has been damaged in a disaster, this type of loan can provide low-interest funds to repair or replace damaged property.

In conclusion, the SBA offers a range of loan options, each with its advantages, which can be suited to various types of property investments. Understanding these options can help you choose the right one for your specific needs. Contact Prosper Firm today, and our team will guide you through the process and ensure you meet all requirements to qualify for these loans.