Social media is a powerful marketing tool but there are times when your posts and pages can fall a bit flat. Make sure to avoid some common social media fails when attempting to attract attention for your brand or business via these platforms.

Nine social media fails to avoid are:

  • Don’t give too much information. Don’t reveal too much or make reference to sensitive material in your posts or pages. 
  • Don’t forget to have a marketing plan. If you fail to have a marketing plan, your campaigns and promotions won’t have cohesion or be collaborative. Take time and plan what you will post and cross-post. 
  • Don’t be too formal. Remember that this is a personal and casual platform; don’t be too formal. 
  • Don’t forget to edit. It is easy to forget to edit your posts, but make sure that you do. Some potential consumers may find misspellings or grammatical errors off-putting. 
  • Don’t forget to connect all your pages. Connect your online pages, sites, profiles, and any of your online presence. Maintain those that you manage and control. 
  • Don’t stick to one platform. When it comes to social media platforms, diversify. Don’t stick to one site, like Facebook, branch out. 
  • Don’t rely on automation. Be careful not to rely too heavily on automated tools. Errors can occur so always assess and spot-check your online pages and sites to ensure the systems are working smoothly. 
  • Don’t ignore the haters. Don’t ignore negative feedback but be courteous and don’t engage in power struggles online. Be polite and provide a response to those taking the time to post. 
  • Don’t make a political stand. Your business pages and sites are not the places to be political; for the sake of maintaining your consumer audience, it is better to be neutral when it comes to social media or risk offending someone.  

If social media is not the core of your current marketing campaign, you are missing out on a powerful tool. Use these tips and avoid these nine social media fails to ensure your pages and posts leave a favorable impression on your target audience.