Virtually every business needs some type of financing from time to time. If you’re not sure whether the time is right for your business to apply for financing, keep an eye out for these five signs.

Space Is Cramped

One reason to seek financing is that your company is becoming too large for its current space. Business financing can help companies secure larger working areas as their staff expands. For instance, a real estate loan can be used to purchase a bigger, more permanent office building.

Your Business Needs New Equipment

As pointed out by Chron’s Osmond Vitez, equipment is a common reason that companies pursue business financing. Especially in industries like construction, equipment is a critical but expensive business resource. Financing can soften the financial blow and keep cash free for covering payroll obligations and other ongoing costs.

Seasonal Needs

Many businesses face seasonal earning cycles; for instance, construction companies are typically much busier in the summer months than in the winter. If you know your business is going to face a slow period, don’t put off applying for business financing. Securing financing during your busy season when cash is flowing in easily can help you avoid potential hiccups caused by the looming slow season.

An Opportunity Has Arrived

Businesses should look at financing not just as a means to survive rough patches but also as a way to take advantage of opportunities. For example, if you need extra funding to secure work from an exciting new client, lenders can help.

Your Business’s Credit Is Strong

If your business has built up a strong credit history and score, now may be the time to apply for financing. You may be able to secure very favorable terms, given your business’s strong financial picture. Additionally, because so-called hard credit inquiries may negatively impact your business’s credit score, applying for financing when your score is strong will let your business withstand potential credit-score dings.

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