PPC campaigns can be very successful when you have a strategy and understand the pay-per-click advertising model. Without a strategy, you’re just throwing money out the window. Here are nine tips for honing your PPC campaign. 

  • Know your goal. Measurable PPC campaign goals help you know if your marketing dollars were well spent. What is the purpose of your campaign? Do you want to generate leads, increase sales, or boost subscriptions? Or do you have your own goal?
  • Focus on your top-performing keywords. A PPC campaign should capitalize on what is working most effectively for your business. Use the keywords that bring in the most business for you. 
  • Don’t use low performing keywords. Keywords that aren’t effective will not help you sell more.  
  • Use negative keywords to improve traffic. For example, use new vacuums as your keyword, but tell the campaign to filter out “repair vacuums” if you only sell new vacuums.  
  • Use manual bidding to optimize bids. You have more control when you manually bid.  
  • Make your PPC campaign ads specific, compelling, and relevant to your product. Use a strong call to action. Don’t beat around the bush. 
  • Use ad extensions to give customers more information and to improve your visibility. You’ll get a better ROI because only people who are ready to drop into your pipeline will click through. 
  • Use specific landing pages for each ad. Write ads specific to the landing page. These two pages need to complement each other. 
  • Test different elements of the ad to see which keywords, design, images, CTA and other elements work most effectively for you. But only test one element at a time to get the best results for comparison.   

PPC campaigns can be a very good way to boost your online presence and to gain customers. Don’t just buy keywords and expect a high ROI. Have a strategy.