Many businesses want to resurrect their ad campaigns in a way that will yield true engagement with the right customers. We may have exhausted old email lists and progress may be downright stagnant when it comes to getting old audiences to bite when it comes to new ads. What’s a business to do. Fortunately there are many ways to breathe new life into a business and many start with your audience.

What Are Lookalike Audiences?

Face book has some amazing tools when it comes to advertising and getting your businesses voice heard. Lookalike audiences are an amazing Face book tool. Businesses can gather their old email lists, old website guests, and conversion audiences and use this data to find other people that are similar to their original audience. Facebook makes it possible to take this data, connect it to a geographical region, and find other people that will mimic  or reflect the same interests of your original audience. These people are considered lookalike audience members that represent new opportunities to build and expand an audience base.

How Can Lookalike Audiences be Used in Facebook Ads?

Creating lookalike audiences can be a powerful tool when it comes to creating effective Facebook ads. Collect your old emails and other data regarding old audiences and use Facebook to populate a new audience similar in taste and views as the old audience. Use the United States as your geographic target inti tally, then zero in on campaign specific locations when you start putting your ads  together. Use lookalike audience to attract a whole new audience with views that are similar to your old audience and try to harness interested users.

Lookalike audiences allow us to maximize our reach and even expand it by finding new audiences that will likely be interested in our product our service. Facebook can be a key tool when it comes to populating these audiences that will more than likely appreciate your product or service. This tool can effectively be used to find a new similar crowd of people.