Statistical reports indicate that search engines are the number one driver to site visits. Changes in search engine optimization accompany the popularity in the use of search engines. The updates seek to improve usability and valuable results for users. It is on this premise that the article aims to shed light on the new update set to improve SEO performance.

Conventional Way

Back in the day, one had to create two websites. One for clients and the other for search engine optimization. Failure to take this approach led to poor ranking on Google search results.

How It Works

The new changes encompass the integration of Google’s Bert algorithm. This algorithm uses natural language, which helps in searches instead of the normal use of matching words.

BERT, or Bidirectional encoder representation from Transformers, is a machine learning natural language meant to derive results from the context of words keyed by online users. The remarkable algorithm is a game-changer for stakeholders in the B2B space as it features snippets.

For instance, if one searches “2019 brazil traveler to the USA needs a visa,” the algorithm deliberates results about US citizens traveling to Brazil. This would not be possible with Old School SEO as it overlooks the use of the common word “to” in search results. 

Under this, one has to be consistent in publishing new articles covering different topics from time to time. Consistency plays a crucial role in customer retention as clients and prospects. One should keep in mind that the algorithm makes it less hectic to produce related articles posted by the publisher.

Why the Update?

With the upgrade, one can focus on creating good content for clients and prospects without losing on search engine optimization. Also, one gets to ensure that business pops up on the listing of Google My Business. The same efforts should be extended to mobile optimization to reach out to an ever-growing number of people searching on mobile devices.

Parting Shot

Based on the changes in the SEO criterion, it is prudent for local businesses to shun old school SEO. Instead, they should welcome the new strategy adopted by Google during ranking on websites and content. Learn more here.