Social media has become an international phenomenon. It has enabled people from across the globe to communicate and share lives with the touch of a button or the click of the mouse. One of the most popular social media apps is Instagram. Instagram is part of the Facebook family and enables users to share photos with friends, co-workers, and family. It also allows businesses to share information and products with potential customers in a way that is unique and very effective. 

Selling Products and Services on Instagram

Selling on Instagram as part of a business can be very profitable. Instagram has a huge number of users and many of them purchase goods and services online. A huge number of their user base is part of the millenial generation. It is imperative for businesses to customize advertisements for their user base. Businesses that sell physical products often do well on Instagram with targeted advertising. For example, sellers of clothing can upload photos of their most popular clothing products among the millenial age range and focus campaigns on those. Instagram even has advertising tools for businesses to easily upload ads and target certain age ranges right away for fast sales.

Businesses can take advantage of an Instagram storefront. No longer do customers have to click a link to a page that is away from the app. Instagram offers advertisers the ability to sell their products to an end-user without ever leaving the app. This is convenient for the customer and can lead to more conversions. The Instagram storefront will allow the potential buyer to look through products and check out without ever having to leave the Instagram website. It gives the entrepreneur a huge opportunity to boost sales and encourage customers to buy on impulse. Impulse buying on social media can be an easy conversion for businesses selling products and services on Instagram and can lead to highly profitable repeat sales over time.