Despite examples of some of the world’s most profitable companies that initiated in makeshift quarters in garages, a stigma continues to exist about small businesses and startups. Many people are reluctant to do business with you unless you appear successful, but you can’t afford to upgrade your image if you don’t have clients. Here are some strategies to help your business appear larger than it really is.

Acquire an Impressive Email Address

In this digital age, companies and their clients often communicate via email. Instead of settling for an unprofessional-appearing generic email address, invest a few dollars monthly and obtain a domain-specific email address that aligns with your business and its website.

Rent Virtual Office Space

It is perfectly acceptable to run your business out of your home, especially if this arrangement allows you to save your limited resources and put them into growing your company. However, sometimes you may need to meet clients in person. One solution to this dilemma is to hire space in a virtual office. These spaces often come with business phone numbers, prestigious addresses, reception areas, break rooms, and conference rooms that you can book when you need to host clients.

Invest in Your Brand

Even if you work from home, you need to present a professional image both online and offline. Boost your online presence with a professionally designed logo and other graphics and images. Make a good impression offline with quality items such as letterheads, business cards, signs, and other promotional materials.

Take Advantage of Available Tools

Many free or inexpensive automation tools are available that enable you to save time and money while performing mundane aspects of your work. These tools can help you with scheduling, accounting, customer service, project management, social media management, and other tasks.

Attract Followers on Social Media

While they are researching your business, some potential clients assess how many followers on social media your company has. This makes it imperative to build up your visibility by engaging with influencers. Be sure to maintain consistency by communicating regularly in your social media interactions.

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