There is no universal answer to what kind of company culture your business should develop. The same culture that works for a laid-back coffee shop, for instance, likely won’t work for a high-energy law firm. However, these tips can help create strong company cultures and improve deficient ones.

Reward and Recognize Victories

To build a positive and supportive workplace, The Muse recommends recognizing and rewarding employees when they are successful. After all, a company culture in which employees never hear that they’re doing a good job will be a discouraging one. Formal reward programs can be effective, and so can informal praise like a compliment passed along in the breakroom.

Develop Transparency

Transparency is another key element in building a strong company culture. Ways to foster transparency include equipping employees with up-to-date communication tools and encouraging employees to share successes and challenges openly. When possible, employees—including those in leadership positions—should default to revealing rather than concealing information. 

Develop Employee Autonomy

Employees who feel empowered to do their jobs will also feel more engaged. For instance, an employee who takes on new responsibilities may regret doing so if they find that an overzealous manager is hovering over their every decision. Encourage leaders at your company to keep in mind that everyone there was hired for a reason. They just need the freedom to do their jobs.

Get Coworkers to Know Each Other

Healthy working relationships between coworkers also play a role in company culture. To foster these, try providing spaces and activities that encourage collaboration. For example, if your breakroom doesn’t have tables or chairs, providing them may naturally make employees more likely to eat lunch together or chat over coffee. 

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