Who is Generation Z and why is this important to your business? This is the generation that has lived entirely in the digital world. Some people define Generation Z as those born after 1996. They are ethnically and racially diverse, on the cusp of full adulthood, and have been deeply affected by COVID-19. Furthermore, they are more likely than any generation to make purchases and conduct business online. If you’re thinking about ways to hone your social media marketing to appeal to Generation Z, try the following.

Look to the Social Media They Use Most

According to the Pew Research Center, Gen Z prefers U-Tube, Instagram, and Snapchat. Facebook is old hat, at least for some of them. Update your marketing efforts to include the platforms they tend to use.

Communicate Using Text

You may not have noticed, but younger people rarely use voice messages. In addition, they use e-mail less than the previous few generations. Generation Z texts and uses other chat apps quite often. This is a good way to reach them.

Get Your Point Across Quickly

Research indicates that attention spans have shortened to about 8 seconds. Gen Z is leading this trend. Make sure that your message is short and to the point. Long-winded pitches just won’t cut it.

Demonstrate That You Have Values

Gen Z is socially conscious and globally aware. In general, they are quite concerned about the common good. When marketing to them, let them know you feel that way as well.

Video Rules

Static posts like text and images are really quite standard these days. Video is increasingly common and Gen Z loves it. Consider incorporating some in your marketing to them, especially on the platforms they use most.

Hopefully, these tips will enhance your marketing efforts. After all, the members of Generation Z are about to hit their stride.