Landing pages are one of the key components of any online marketing campaign. Effective landing pages allow your business to collect new leads and drive sales. Some landing pages can even take website visitors all the way through an automated purchase process without any human interaction.

But how do you know if a landing page is effective at capturing leads? How do you know what changes to make in order to improve your conversion rate?

There’s only one way to find out: you have to test your landing pages.

Benefits of Testing Landing Pages

Testing landing pages lead to higher opt-in rates and more leads – even with the same amount of website traffic. By changing elements on your landing page you can save time, save money, get more customers, make more sales and ultimately make more money.

By testing your landing pages, you can gather data that objectively proves which combinations and features are more effective, and by tracking your visitor activities over time you can even project the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

What Elements to Optimize on a Landing Page

There are many different features on your landing page that you can test. Here are some examples:

  • Photos 
  • Videos 
  • Buttons (shape, size, color, text, etc) 
  • Call-to-Action text 
  • List of features and benefits 
  • Page headlines and subheaders 
  • Arrows and whitespace (to lead the eye to your offer buttons) 
  • Special offers and discounts 
  • Contact methods (phone number vs email)  

How to Properly Test Landing Pages

When making changes to a landing page, it is important that you only make one change at a time and that you split test (A/B test) the results.

Making multiple changes at one time creates too many variables and makes it impossible to know which change is driving the results. This just wastes time and money. So be patient and focus on a single elemental change at a time.

Driving traffic to your landing pages is only one piece of the marketing puzzle. To maximize your results, make sure to optimize your landing page conversion optimization rate (CRO) by split testing various elements on page one at a time to find the best combination for your campaign and to maximize sales.