Not all businesses take advantage of online paid advertising, which is a shame: Paid ads provide nearly unlimited opportunities to target specific audiences and a host of other advantages. In this article, you’ll learn how paid digital advertising works to help companies.

Why Pay for Ads?

Many people wonder why they should pay for ads when other methods, such as content marketing, can be cheaper. The answer is that paid advertising is a powerful way to augment all of your other marketing efforts. It increases your company’s visibility and reaches highly specific audiences who are likely to be interested in what your business has to offer.

Paid online advertising offers a number of other benefits. For instance, paid ads can use call-to-action buttons to drive users to interact with your company. Additionally, campaigns can be modified to fit most companies’ marketing budgets. In other words, they can become bigger or smaller depending on a business’s funds and goals. At the same time, paid advertising can let your business get the most out of every dollar. For instance, check out this list of features offered by Google Ads: That platform makes targeting by keywords, audience location, type of device, and more possible.

Another advantage is the plethora of channels through which companies can reach audiences. When paying for ads online, companies use a number of platforms. Depending on the type of business and desired outcome, some platforms may fit better than others for a given campaign. For example, LinkedIn may be good for BRB businesses, while Pinterest is ideal for companies looking to drive sales, according to the Digital Marketing Institute. Those are generalizations, of course: You will want your marketing team or agency to work to identify the best platform(s).


Without getting too deep into the mechanics of paid advertising, it’s safe to say it is a powerful, worthwhile tool. Its highly targeted nature will provide a boost to other parts of your advertising campaigns and your company as a whole.