Leads, or potential new customers, are more crucial now than ever before, and yet they can be as elusive as the mythical unicorn. This is why social media is such an excellent resource. Not only does it provide any business or enterprise with access to the broadest possible audience, but it supports an array of methods for generating interest and leads.

Some marketing professionals are not quite convinced that there are ways to get more leads using social media, but with the methods below, it is sure to generate traffic and interest.

Get Visual

The internet has empowered visual messaging like never before, and social media only enhances this form of communication. When you want to garner interest and get leads, it is best to combine the power of gamification (making a game out of something) along with the visual power of the internet. This is best done through options like photo or video contests. This lets fans get creative, and many end up sharing your message at the same time, further spreading the opportunities for leads.

Give Something Away

A great prize on your social media pages will generate a lot of interest, sharing, and participation. It is likely to turn leads into customers, and especially if you can find something they can win that is in line with your messaging. If you ask participants for more than a name and email (say, a 200-word essay on something relating to your industry or brand), you can do a lot of marketing research effortlessly, too. You can then use those details to hone your content and build your leads at the same time.


Social media can also be seen as a means to an end. In other words, it can be a great way to get your followers “off” social media and “on” to the platform you wish them to visit. It could be a blog, website, or landing page, but the point is the same – you can use social media to redirect guests to more informative, comprehensive and converting information.

The best way to do this is to create a call to action or CTA in your social media messaging and to make it irresistible to clicking.

Leads become customers quite easily when you use your social media to the greatest extent possible. We hope these tips help you make the most of your social media lead efforts.