There is no doubt that content marketing has become immensely popular in today’s online world. Content marketing is simply the concept of consistently creating and distributing material that is valuable and relevant to an organization’s target audience so that it drives profitable customer action. As American film director Andrew Davis said, “Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

What Are Content Marketing Gaps?

Gaps in content marketing can be defined in three ways:

  • What people are searching for online compared to what they can find online about a product service or brand. 
  • How a competitor ranks with its topics and keywords compared to how your business is ranking. 
  • How current content performs compared to the desired goals and results of a business’ content strategy.  

Major Content Strategy Mistakes

It is important to avoid/overcome these content strategy mistakes:

  • No story behind the business. Define why a business exists: the intersection of what makes you different, what customers what, and what you do. 
  • Doing content marketing hit or miss with no plan, no consistency, and to the wrong audience. 
  • Publishing only one or two types of content; a minimalist approach.  

How to Find the Gaps in Your Content Marketing Strategy

First, do a content audit. Does the content you are utilizing meet the informational needs of your customers? Does it match the customers’ journey? Second, analyze competitor content. Find keywords that they are ranking on so you can rank there too. Also, find other customer pain points/problems, topics of concerns, and topics of interest to your customers. For example, a tool like Spyfu allows you to identify keywords your competitors rank on but you don’t.

Also, look at your own website for underperforming pages.

Seek Expert Content Marketing Assistance

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