Spring cleaning can really spruce up your home and make you feel rejuvenated. You can get that same feeling with your website when you take some time to update your information and overhaul your look to make sure everything is current. Here are some spring cleaning tips for your website as part of your SEO strategy.

Update Your Content And Information

You should make sure that your company information is up-to-date on Google My Business, social media and your website. Inaccuracy hurts your SEO, and it looks unprofessional. Check your product and service listings for price accuracies. Don’t display discontinued items. Update any news and information.

Refresh Your Look

Remember how good it feels to repaint a room or update a couch? The same can be said for a website. You might want to work with a graphic designer to spruce up your site with new fonts or colors. Maybe post some new pictures that tell a better story about your business. Adding current events or news is fresh content that can get you noticed.

Check Links

Outdated or broken links can hurt the credibility of your site. While you’re checking information, make sure all the links are still working. Check the stats of your content. On high-performing pieces, check to make sure everything is current, too. Instead of the statistics from three years ago, find the current data and link to it. Your website needs to be easy to navigate and accurate.

Update Your Benchmarks and Goals

Last year’s benchmarks and goals are probably out-of-date, too. Revisit your objectives and strategies for your current business model. You may find that your customers have changed and want something different from you. Spring cleaning is just one way to meet new demands and to make improvements that can benefit your business for the rest of the year.