Most small business owners are constantly seeking ways to increase cash flow and to build up a cash reserve which can be used to grow the business. In many cases, the solution might be to take out a loan, but that would commit you to a certain number of years where you’d have to repay that loan, and that might negatively impact your business. A better way to generate funding might be through a merchant cash advance.

How It Works 

If your business typically has a high volume of credit card sales, a merchant cash advance might be the perfect answer to your funding needs. Working with an alternative lender, you can receive a sum of upfront cash in just a few days, and then that money would be repaid by having the lender deduct amounts from your business account on a daily or weekly basis. The beauty of this arrangement is that when your sales are down, so is your repayment amount, and when sales climb back up there. a greater amount would be deducted from your account.

How You Can Grow Your Business 

One of the ways you can grow your business is to step up the efforts of your marketing campaigns. With more funding, you might be able to reach a great many more people with your marketing, and that will directly influence your sales volume. You might also want to increase your inventory to meet customer demand, so that you can sell more product when the demand is there.

Getting a merchant cash advance might allow you to hire additional employees, so you can manage more customers and more sales. Another great investment you could make is to re-design your store layout, so you can present an exciting new format to customers, and increase the buzz about your store. You might even be able to expand into a second or third location, so you can serve several different markets. With extra funding in hand, there won’t be any limits on how you can use the money to grow your business.

Interested in a Merchant Cash Advance? 

Contact us at Prosper Lending Firm if you’d like to find out how a merchant cash advance could be beneficial for your small business. We’d be happy to discuss some options for setting you up with the right kind of merchant cash advance.