Every entrepreneur in the country is busy at one thing or another, so being more productive can really be a challenge. Here are some ways that you can achieve greater productivity, so your business has a chance to grow and prosper.

Establish Accountability 

It’s a good idea to set some objectives for any given time frame, and then share them with an associate. By doing this, you’ll make yourself more accountable for those goals, and you’ll be less likely to simply overlook them the minute anything happens to interfere.

Make Use of Time Blocks 

By using time blocks throughout the day and assigning tasks to them, you’ll be able to focus on that one task during the period, and you’ll be more likely to get it done. When you know which time blocks of the day you’re most productive, assign the more difficult tasks to those periods.

Be Prepared to Say ‘NO’ 

You don’t have time to tackle absolutely everything, so you should develop the skill of declining something when it’s obvious you just won’t have the time. This will allow you to focus on those tasks which you’ve already prioritized.

Don’t Multi-Task 

People talk about multi-tasking as though it were a good thing. In truth, multi-tasking merely divides your attention between two or more activities, thus ensuring that you lose focus on at least one of them.

Eliminate Distractions 

There are endless distractions which can prevent you from attending to more important tasks, and that’s why you need to eliminate them. Forget about emails, phone calls, text messaging, and all the other interruptions while you’re trying to get something done.


In order for an entrepreneur to stay productive, he/she must be able to unwind at certain times, so as to avoid burnout. Take some time now and then to just sit back and relax – the tasks will still be there when you’ve recovered.


You can’t do everything yourself, and in truth, that’s why you hired some great employees in the first place. Let them do the jobs you hired them to do, so they can grow professionally and become greater assets to your company.

Make Lists 

There’s something about making a list which makes it more official, and less likely to be forgotten. Get in the habit of making lists so you don’t overlook things, and so you can stay on track with your busy agenda.

Need money to increase productivity for your small business? 

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