Is it time for a website redesign? When it comes to your company, business, or brand, your website provides a means of prospective patrons to find you while providing a glimpse into what you do. Generally, websites should be revamped and redesigned every five years or so, but it is never too soon for an update.

Five signs that it is time to redesign your website are:

The Site is Not Mobile Friendly  

It is estimated that over half of the potential buyers visiting a retail site are doing so on a mobile device, like a smartphone. Make sure that your site is responsive to this technology, so customers don’t become frustrated or shop elsewhere.

You Still Use Flash  

Are you staying up to date on your site’s technology? If you are still using flash, you could be losing customers daily. Modern browsers don’t support Flash, so if you have video or clips that utilize Flash, get rid of them. Check your plugins, too, to make sure they are not out of date, making you vulnerable to hacking.

Your Goals Have Changed  

Goals and companies change; does your site adequately represent what you offer and do? If your mission or goals have evolved, make sure that your website and virtual presence conveys this. If this resonates with you, it could be time for a complete website redesign to get to the next level.

The Site is Outdated  

Consumers have a relatively low tolerance for outdated sites, slow load times, irrelevant content, or poor images; keep up with rivals and please your tech-savvy customers with website redesign that includes new fonts, bold colors, and responsiveness, just to name a few features.

There is a Lack of Leads  

Finally, is your website bringing in leads and revenues? If it is waning or failing to bring in business as it may have done at one point in time, it is time for website redesign. Put something fresh and new out to attract viewers and garner subscribers—and hopefully loyal patrons, over time.

Is it time to redesign your company website? If you are experiencing any of these five situations, a website redesign is prudent and timely. Reach out for help redesigning your digital platforms today!