Commercial Financing

Our Commercial Lending Solutions

We have an impressive list of loan products we can offer you. If you’re not sure what type of loan your business could use, we’d love to help you with the selection process. We’ll ask you a few key questions to find out what type of financing program will best suit your business now and in the future.

In addition to the popular programs listed here, we have over 50 financial products and solutions available to offer our clients including:

Asset-Based Lines of Credit
Bridge and Hard Money Loans
Business Acquisition Financing
Business and Industry Guaranteed Loans (B&I)
Business Term Loans
Church Real Estate Financing
CMBS Commercial Real Estate Loans
Commercial Real Estate Development Financing
Contract Financing
Corporate Mergers and Acquisition Financing
Credit Repair
Distressed Note Acquisitions
Energy & Commodity Finance
Equipment Leasing
Equity Financing
Fix and Flip Loans
Franchise Financing
Inventory Financing
Joint Venture Capital
Large Project Financing
Medical Loans for Doctors, Dentists, Veterinarians
Medical Receivables Financing
Mezzanine Financing
Sale-Leaseback Financing
Structured Settlement And Annuity Financing
Used Aircraft Financing
Venture Capital Financing

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Accounts Receivable Financing

Virtually every industry can benefit tremendously from A/R Financing. Turn your receivables into cash within 48 hours.

Real Estate Loans

We offer a diverse mix of residential and commercial real estate loans for both investment and owner-occupied properties

Consumer Financing

Grow your sales more quickly! This program offer great support and features such as fast program enactment, training, debt collection and e-signature.

Equipment Financing

Whether you need medical equipment, diagnostic tools or heavy machinery, our loans are designed to help you obtain the items your business requires.

Franchise Financing

We offer a great franchise financing program that’s designed to help you purchase real estate, get the equipment you need or acquire an existing franchise.

Healthcare Financing

A healthcare financing loan from Prosper Lending is intended to meet the needs of your practice, whether you’re a veterinarian, chiropractor or medical doctor.

Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance lets you borrow against future credit card sales in your merchant account. Qualified applicants can get their funds quickly.

Purchase Order Financing

Smoothly manage your cash flow and get the money you need to cover your costs so you can deliver to your customers and grow your business.

Small Business Loans

The Small Business Administration works with lenders like Prosper Lending to offer reduced interest rates and better terms compared to what you may otherwise qualify for.

Unsecured Lines of Credit

Unsecured business lines of credit, such as those offered by Prosper Lending, are intended to help businesses get the financing they need, even without collateral.